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walkie – free live video


walkie turns your phone into a live video walkie-talkie.- Watch YouTube and instantly see who's watching the same. Share and interact with other viewers live.- Create your own secret channel just for you and your friends and broadcast short live videos back and forth.
Broadcasting video has never been more social. Just press and hold the walkie button and you're on air to be discovered. And walkie can do even more:
- Collect and sort your favorite video channels simply by dragging them on your board.- Share what you like on any social network, or invite friends over using your favorite messenger.- Let walkie call you when somebody's watching your videos, and engage with your audience live.- Transmit video comments to give instant feedback.- Or simply use walkie as a walkie-talkie ;-) Switch to the same channel and talk to others worldwide.
walkie is only available for users age 13 and over.Terms: